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The Pain Project

Your art can be featured here! 

Wall Mural painted by Bijan Masoumpanah. Special thank you to models Angel Sullivan and Analiesse Lagunes.

Photo: Michelle Keena 2017


Welcome to

The Pain Project

Hello and welcome!  

I am Michelle Keena and this is the Pain Project.

The Pain Project will highlight artists and showcase their talents and how they cope with their pain or illness.

Pain comes in many forms and is a common affliction that many people have in common.  

Sometimes, in an effort to escape our pain often we try to paint pictures, photograph it, write songs or poetry just to feel something Often in an effort to silence our pain we are often mistaken as not being ill

 and told to "Stop being dramatic" and "you look fine." 

Here it will be okay to not be fine, to let it all hang out.

Here you will meet the pain and see the faces and read their stories.

Pain is not always tangible.

Pain is not in your face.

Pain doesn't discriminate.

Pain isn't political.

Pain is Pain.

Now is the time to tell your story what helps you quiet the pain or the story of some one that you know has chronic pain.

Here, you can promote your cause and raise money for your charity and/or just show off your work and tell your story!

That is right, you can showcase your work here and promote anything art, music, poetry, writing, a favorite recipe. These are just examples.

If selling your art work this project will set up the links to the charities of your choice and to your website! 

The Pain Project will never request money from the contributors!

Contributors will hold all rights to their work and their work will not become property of this program.


Featured Artist

Michelle Keena

Click link for featured artists page.

Photographer, writer, wife, mother, grandma and in pain. 

 I have Cauda Equina Syndrome.  To learn more about CES check out the ​Cauda Equina Foundation

To learn more about my photography, please visit or the blog

Your work can be featured here!  Currently looking for artists to showcase.  Email for details 

[email protected]

What Can You Do?

If you know someone that has chronic pain and is an artist tell them about this project!

Email for info!

[email protected]

Contact Us

Send your questions, artwork, your story to [email protected]

Donate to the featured artists cause or help spread the word

That's right.  This website and project will be promoting the featured artist and if they want to showcase their talents by photos or video they may do so. The artist will be able to promote their work on this site as well as their story with links to their charities, website and or blog. This project will not solicit or collect money from the participants, ever!