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About Us

An Idea Is Born

Many of us express ourselves creatively to escape the everyday pain that we feel but nobody sees.  Some people paint.  Some take photos.  Some write songs.  The common theme is all the same, we all want to be heard, relieved, cured and believed.  This will hopefully be a place to express art and raise pain awareness and hear the stories of both the patient and the caregivers.

Our Goals

  • Raise awareness and support to Pain and Pain Related Illnesses
  • To feature one to two artists per month or their caregivers.  The featured artist or artists will have front page coverage and gallery 
  • Featured artist has opportunity to promote work and donate portions of the proceeds or all to the charity of your choice
  • The Pain Project will not profit on any of the sales or request money from the participants.

Our Mission

-  Highlight and focus on individuals and tell their pain story through art, photos & music or whatever medium the artist chooses.. 

- Empower and inspire others in their pain journey.